Change of CMS

TheCodeCache recently decided it was time to change CMS.

This was no easy decision to make, as my self personally has always been a big fan of Drupal for its flexibility; especially in more recent versions. The plugin choice was vast.

However we did start to notice that a lot of the plugins were getting kind of clunky, had a never ending list of dependencies or were just poorly coded.

We’ve decided after talking with a number of our friends (including a good friend of mine over at Hacking Insider), that the best option was likely to be WordPress.

We also looked at importing previous content, but it just didn’t seem worth the effort.

We did make an attempt but most WordPress plugins would not let you set the type of page to import.

And since most of our previous content was a “Blog” type page, the plugins couldn’t detect them or got confused when trying to import.

From now on we hope to post content at least twice a week now that we have better tools and the ability to create content on the go.

Another reason for us leaving Drupal was its lack of ability to create “nice” content.

We struggled to find any plugins that could provide a fully working Rich Text Editor, including in-line images or feature/header images for articles, all of which is included out of the box in WordPress.

Plus we’ve noticed that WordPress has been far easier to implement social sharing tools and analytics, again something we had a hard time doing in Drupal.

Sorry Drupal, but you have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.

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