The storage crate

Other pieces of hardware I have currently in storage or installed in various machines.

NVidia GeForce 2 Ti1C00566547????Good / FailedPC/AGPVGA/S-Video, Framebuffer RAM bad, severe artifacting, heatsink missing
Matrox G450 32MBG45FMDVP32DOE3D00P5756YL102337J22N2003GreatPC/PCIVGA/DVI
Diamond Multimedia Fire GL 1000 Pro 8MB23130023-46139812002605911997Good / UntestedPC/AGPVGA/3D Glasses, Rev D, BIOS 1.46, MoSys SGRAM
ASUS NVidia GeForce 660008-01700730105BC0AC4271202005Good / UntestedPC/AGPNeeds cleaning, HSF assembly
D-Link 10MBps EthernetDE-220PC0S76250017511992New / DoAPC/ISAUTP/Coax, Was dead out of the box
UMC 10MBps Ethernet2000JC2000JC2V1403012301994GreatPC/ISAUTP/Coax, Version 2.0A
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy ZS2SB0350M1SB0350521002312U2003NewPC/PCI6x3mm Gold plated jacks, Firewire, S/PDIF, AUX/CD IN/TAD headers
Creative Labs Sound BlasterCT4170M41708406920051997GoodPC/ISAGameport, 3x3mm jacks, AUX/CD
Mozart CD-ROM Controller + Sound CardOTI601950100812891994GoodPC/ISASony/Mitsumi/Panasonic/IDE connectors, Gameport, 4x3mm jacks, CD IN
Dual Gameport Add-in cardGW2051992Great / UntestedPC/ISAUnbranded, no serial, distinct gold coloured PCB and ground plane pattern
GVC Fax ModemSF-1156HV+/R21540901200191402815M1998Great / UntestedPC/ISAVery little info available, claims up to 56k but is untested by me
Western Digital MFM ControllerHFDC-II / VIPĀ·U720009K1174151989Good / UntestedPC/ISADual MFM + Floppy Controller Card
Promise IDE ControllerUltra100TX1998GreatPC/PCI
LSI Logic SCSI ControllerLSIU320P1760621082005NewPC/PCI-641x Internal, 1x External SCSI Connectors, LVD/SE
Adaptec SCSI ControllerAVA-1505BS0D62224F01991GreatPCI/ISA50-pin internal SCSI and SCSI-1 External Connector
Adaptec RLL ControllerACB-2372A1987Good / PartialPC/ISAFactory added bodge wire loose, BIOS accessible, FDD functions seem to work
Iomega ZIP 100Z100S21997GreatPC/SCSI
Iomega ZIP 100Z100USB1999GreatPC/USB
Safronic 5.25 1.2MB floppy driveDS-53N1990GoodPC/FDDBeige faceplate
Panasonic 5.25 1.2MB floppy driveJU-475-5AKO1991GoodPC/FDDWhite Faceplate w/impact marks, needs cleaning
NEC 5.25 1.6MB floppy driveFD1157C1990GoodPC/FDDBeige faceplate
NEC 3.5 1.44MB floppy driveFD1231M2006Great / UntestedPC/FDDBlack Faceplate
Lite-on 48x CD-ROM DriveLTN-486S2004Great / UntestedPC/IDEBlack Faceplate
LG 40x/15x/4x DVD-RW DriveGWA-4164B2005Great / UntestedPC/IDEBlack Faceplate
LG 40x CD-ROM DriveCRD-8402B2000Great / UntestedPC/IDEWhite Faceplate, Compaq Branded
Philips 48x CD-ROM DrivePCCD0481999Good / UntestedPC/IDEWhite Faceplate, Audio Controls
LG 52x CD-ROM DriveCRD-8522B2002Good / UntestedPC/IDEWhite Faceplate, Audio Controls
Western Digital 80GB Hard DriveWD800BBWCAMD63954842006Great / UntestedPC/IDE
Samsung SpinPoint 160GB Hard DriveSP1654NS0GEJ1FP4055102007GreatPC/IDE7200 RPM
Quantum Fireball LT 15GBQML15000LC-A612053211454????GoodPC/IDE4400 RPM
Quantum Atlas V 9.1GBXC09J0111490160513231999Good / UntestedPC/SCSI-U16010000 RPM, SCA-2
Quantum Atlas V 9.1GBXC09J0111490160511161999Good / UntestedPC/SCSI-U16010000 RPM, SCA-2
IBM 80MB Hard DriveWDS-L80IB3190NR041B1993GreatPC/SCSI-1Apple Branded, 50-pin SCSI
Fujitsu 147GB Hard DriveMAW3147NCPOU182514231692008NewPC/SCSI-U32010000 RPM, SCA-2
Fujitsu 18GB Hard DriveMAS3184NCSAJ72368H572008NewPC/SCSI-U32015000 RPM, SCA-2
Seagate Cheetah X15 18GB Hard DriveST318451LC3CC0CEWZ????Great / UntestedPC/SCSI-U16015000 RPM, SCA-2, HP Branded
Seagate Cheetah 18GBST318453LC3JY0MZ4H2003NewPC/SCSI-U32015000 RPM, SCA-2, HP Branded
Seagate Cheetah 18GBST318453LC3JY0MZP02003NewPC/SCSI-U32015000 RPM, SCA-2, HP Branded