The museum

This is a list of machines that I own or have owned over the years.

NameEraFinishedTypeStatusCPUGPUOSCPU SubtypeSpeed (MHz)
Amstrad PC1640 HD201986- Memorial Offline Intel Cirrus Logic MS-DOS Intel 80868
Epson Endeavor L19922022-11-02 Restoration Working Intel Cirrus Logic MS-DOS Linux Intel i486 DX266
Packard Bell 909D1993- Memorial Offline Intel Cirrus Logic Windows 9x95 Intel Pentium 1100
AST Advantage! 62419952022-05-07 Restoration Working Intel ATI Windows 9x95 Linux Intel Pentium 1120
Voodoo1998- Restoration Working Intel 3Dfx Windows 9x98 Intel Pentium 2233
MoarVoodoo1998- Dream Build Working Intel 3Dfx Windows 9x98 Intel Pentium 2350
Dominator1999- Dream Build Working Intel ATI Windows 20002k Intel Pentium 3600
TwinBee20012001-03-20 Memorial Offline AMD SIS Windows XPXP AMD Duron1200
Iyonix PC20022002-10-19 Dream Build Working Intel nVidia RISC OS Intel XScale 80321600
Danger of Death2002- Restoration Working AMD ATI Windows XPXP AMD Athlon XP2000
Dragons Breath20052022-05-18 Dream Build Working AMD nVidia Windows XPXP Linux AMD Athlon 64 X22000
Danger of Death Mk220062006-12-28 Memorial Offline Intel nVidia Windows XPXP Intel Core 2 Duo E66002400
Cold Fusion2008- Restoration Working Intel nVidia Windows 77 Intel Core 2 Quad Q93002500
Piledriver (To-Do List)2012- Dream Build Working AMD AMD Windows 77 AMD Piledriver FX-83504000
Overwatch20162016-11-18 Original Working Intel nVidia Linux Intel Core i5-65003200
Fort20192019-02-11 Original Working Intel nVidia Linux Intel Core i7-7700k4200
Outpost20202021-06-05 Original Working AMD AMD Linux Windows 1010 AMD Ryzen 9 5900X5000


  • Original Originals: These are machines that I have built or bought and still own.
  • Restoration Restoration: Machines that I used to own that have been faithfully recreated or re-purchased and restored.
  • Dream Build Dream builds: These are machines that I would have wanted to own in that period and now do.
  • Memorial Memorial: Machines that I used to own but no longer have with little possibility of regaining.

For rebuilds, I've tried to keep the machine as close to the originals and as faithful to the era as the availability and cost of parts allow.

I also tried to use brand new, original parts aka "new-old-stock" whenever I could get it.


  • Working The machine is assembled and working.
  • In Progress I am acquiring or have acquired the parts but the machine still needs assembling.
  • Offline The machine has been disassembled.
  • Planning I am currently researching or designing this build.