Amstrad PC1640 HD20

Posted 1986-01-01 ‐ 1 min read


NameAmstrad PC1640 HD20
ProcessorIntel 8086
Speed8 MHz
Storage20 MB ST506 Miniscribe 8425 MFM
GPUWestern Digital Paradise PEGA1A

Someday, I may add one of these to my collection, for the sake of completeness.

Unfortunately, most remaining machines have either got bright yellow cases due to UV exposure or are missing crucial parts like the monitor or keyboard.

The keyboards use proprietary signaling so it's not possible to use other keyboards with these machines. Maybe one day I will reverse-engineer the protocol and make my own Raspberry Pi / Arduino program to fake it.

The screens housed the power supplies for the machine, if it's missing it makes them difficult but not impossible to power. You can make an adapter but finding the right plug for the socket is a challenge.

I currently have:

  • the original set of 4 boot disks that include GEM OS.
  • Locoscript on 5.25 and 3.5 floppy disks complete with the full set of manuals.