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ItemValueUpcoming changes
Originally Built1998
RebuiltSuperseded by MoarVoodoo2022
CaseOEM AT CaseOEM ATX Tower
MotherboardChaintech 6BTMASUS P2B-F
ChipsetIntel 440BXIntel 440BX
SocketSlot 1
ProcessorIntel Pentium 2 MMX
Speed233 MHz
Storage4 GB Maxtor IDETBC
GPU 13Dfx Voodoo2 PCI (Unknown Board Partner)Techworks Power 3D II 12MB (v21200) 3Dfx Voodoo2 PCI
GPU 2S3 Trio64V2/DX PCIDiamond Multimedia FireGL 1000 Pro AGP

Unfortunately, I have no photos of this computer but I do remember that it was a White ATX Mid Tower with a tinted LED status bar in the middle of the front panel and a hydraulic drive bay cover that used to slide up and down to reveal the drive bays.

Originally belonged to my dad, the Voodoo2 card that was in it was destroyed by a short circuit.

After that, the Computer was scrapped and replaced by another beige box that my dad bought from a local computer store called MP Computers.

Update: 2022-11-21

After having the Voodoo2 sit on my shelf for a long time, I decided to build a derivative of the original machine.

It is very close to the existing MoarVoodoo but I felt that the Voodoo2 and P2-233 combination should not be overlooked and that it deserved a machine of its own instead of just sitting in my parts bin.

However, instead of the original S3-Trio that my dad's computer used I'm going to pair the Voodoo2 with a Matrox Millenium G200 card for good 2D acceleration and DirectX 5 compatibility.

For 3D games, the Voodoo2 using Glide or OpenGL is likely to beat the G200 in most cases, potentially the G200 will have better DirectX support and might outpace the Voodoo, but at least I will have options for rendering backends.