To-do List

Posted 2022-12-03 ‐ 2 min read

In progress

  • Replace Cold Fusion Motherboard
  • Replace Voodoo PSU
  • Install Voodoo GPUs
  • Install Windows 2000 on Dominator
  • Fit remaining hard drives in Dominator
  • Install Soundcard in Cold Fusion

Deliveries coming soon

  • ASUS P5N-T DELUXE (Cold Fusion)
  • 400w PSU (Voodoo)
  • 18GB Hard Drive (Dominator)

To do, in order of priority

  • Finish Dominator
  • Finish Piledriver
  • Finish Cold Fusion
  • Finish Voodoo
  • Install U320 controller + drive in Danger of Death
  • Replace CD-ROM drive in AST Advantage!
  • Install additional fans in Cold Fusion, Piledriver and Danger of Death.
  • Replace rear fan in Voodoo
  • Replace GPU fan in Dominator
  • Repair power button on Voodoo case and clean
  • Repair power button on Epson Endeavor
  • Retrobrite AST and Epson
  • Photograph the entire software collection
  • Photograph the entire computer collection

Parts needed

  • 80mm fans for Cold Fusion intake/side panel
  • nVidia GeForce 2 Ti Fan
  • IDE cables
  • Black SATA cables
  • Motherboard standoffs and screws


  • Acquire Radeon HD 7970 (Piledriver)
  • Build Dominator in CIT Hero case
  • Build Cold Fusion in the AVP Galaxy 3 case
  • Build Piledriver in Cavalier case
  • Acquire U320 SCSI controller + 146GB drive (Danger of Death?)
  • Acquire PSU, SSD, RAM, Cooler, AMD FX-8350 CPU, Motherboard for Piledriver
  • Strip TwinBee down to chassis
  • Move Danger of Death into the Virgo ATX (Donated by TwinBee)